Whale Tail White -   
$11.00                                            RS  1.5
The Niagara grape has out done itself
again this year ! Cool, Spicy, and
Refreshing, like a splash from a Whales Tail.
Baco Noir -  
$14.00                                              RS -1.0
A Dry Red, with a peppery aroma. Black
Cherry and spices finish smoothly on the
DeChaunac -  
$12.00                                           RS  0.0
Smokin’ Strawberries, with a warming
Brandy finish.
Jax Red -   
$12.00                                                RS  0.0
A smooth velvety mouth feel. Sweet
beginning with a dry finish.
Vincenzo -   
$14.00                                               RS -2.0
Dark & full bodied, with a plumy nose.               
A touch of black fruit. Great with Italian food.
Red Sky  -   
$11.00                                              RS  2.0
A red blush that is sure to please. The aroma
of fresh picked grapes. Raspberry and Vanilla
pair perfectly on the pallet.So grab your
sweetheart, a bottle, and Enjoy.  You know
what they say  “Red Sky at night Sailors
BeachBum -                                       
$11.00                                                          RS  3.25
Looking to relax on a warm summer day ? This wine is
bursting with black cherries and honey. Grab the picnic
basket and don’t forget the BeachBum !
Passion -   
$11.00                                               RS  4.75
If you have a Passion for grapes, You will like
this semi-sweet wine. (It’s a Gulper!) Try it  in
your next Sangria !
Summer Sun -   
$11.00                                       RS  7.0
If you love fresh picked grapes, this Sweet,
Tart, and Grapey wine is just for you. Best
served chilled.    Relax in the Summer Sun !
Black Cap Riesling -   
$16.00                                        RS  0.0
Light honeycomb bouquet, slightly sweet
and floral, with a light dry finish.
Sailaway -   
$11.00                                             RS  1.0
Natural sweetness with a touch of honey,
pear, and a buttery finish. Set back, relax,
and Sailaway !
Diamond -   
$12.00                                           RS  2.0
A delicate aroma of stone fruits, well
balanced & bursting with grape taste, and
a smooth clean finish. It’s a real Gem !
Delaware -   
$10.00                                             RS  3.0
A sweet melon taste, creating a warming
after glow.   Great for relaxing by the river.
White Wines
Red Wines
Catawba -   
$10.00                                              RS  4.0
A sweet fruity nose, fresh grapes upfront,
with a sweet pink grapefruit finish.                  
Vineyard Harvest -   
$11.00                                         RS 6.5
Clean, Fruity, and Refreshing, with a
Lasting Flavor.
(It’s Harvest Time!)
***  Sales & Shipping available by phone or email


750 ml   6 bottle minimum

5% Discount on 6 bottles
10% Discount on 12 bottles
Cabernet Franc-
A medium bodied red with subtle
aromas of tobacco and rich cocoa.
Smooth black licorice start with a
smokey oak finish.
Chardonnay -
$16.00                                      RS 0.0
Light pineapple nose, with a smooth
soft buttery beginning & a crisp slightly
pear finish. Compliments any Fish Dish.